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KS2 Egg-citing Easter Egg decorating competition – who will your egg become?

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THE ECLIPSE !!! Bloggers are SP-H, ED and CG today

March 20th, 2015 3 comments

Today we all went outside to watch the solar eclipse! We had made pinhole cameras to see the image of the moon as it moved across the sun.It was amazing!we also got to look through special eclipse glasses to see a truly amazing sight. Mr T held up a colanderand we saw the image hundreds of times.
We then went to KS1 and asked what they thought of the eclipse.
J.S year 3 It was so nice when all of the animals just went silent because they noticed someting was happening.
S.P year 3 I liked it because the sun looked like it was a crescent moon.
O.PH year 2 It was amazing because when i looked through the glasses the sun went orange.
H.C year 2 It was a great experience !!!
I.HO year 2 It was shining red
S.B. Year 1 It was great using the pin hole camera!

We hope you enjoyed the solar eclipse too!

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The eclipse results

March 20th, 2015 1 comment

Today we went to Y4,Y5 and Y6 to see what their thoughts were about the eclipse.
Here are some thoughts that the children gave us :
A.P Y6 It was very different and exciting
L.H Y6 It was very interesting and fascinating, i have never seen one before.
H.H Y5 I thought it was awsome and a moment that i will never forget.
A.D Y5 I thought it was amazing how it looked through the glasses.
C.C Y5 I thought it was beautiful and bright.
F.H Y5 I thought it was extraordinary.
H.L Y4 I thought it was interesting and the sun was a nice colour
A.T Y4 I thought it was good, i enjoyed myself

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Little Aston making their own history observing the Solar Eclipse March 20th 2015

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Solar Eclipse visible across Britain on March 20, 2015. This was the view from Newquay, Cornwall.

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Neil Monterio – Science Theatre

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Reception / KS1 House Rotation Activities

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AB Y5 Rockets Ready To Launch!

March 19th, 2015 2 comments

By the title you probably guessed Red Team were making rockets but out of what? It is quite unusual but actually balloons have alot in common with rockets!If you let go of the bottom of the balloon it will fly around just like a rocket when it launched. So our task was to make a rocket out of a balloon and test how far it would go. We had to beat 10.10m achievied by the Blue Team to win. Here are the quotes from today:
SB Y3:’We are making a rocket and we’re trying to make it glide across string.’
BP Y4:’We are making rockets and we’re testing them to fly more than the other teams.’
ZA Y6:’We are trying to beat the record of the other house teams.’
AH Y3:’Our team won with 11m beating Blue!’
So as you can see Red Team won the rocket competition with 11m-our target.This was the last activity but we are looking foward to the solar eclipse tommorow. We really enjoyed science week!

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Day 4 Science Week IM primary blogger Y5

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Thursday 19th March

Blue Team KS1 – parachutes

We are going to look at what Blue Team KS1 did today. Here are a few quotes:

NK Y1: ‘We are making parachutes. We are testing them with different materials.I am enjoying it!’
AG Rec: ‘We are making parachutes, we are using newspaper this time. It is going well.’
LB Rec: ‘I am really enjoying what I am doing.’
OPH Y2: ‘I am making parachutes out of different materials and shapes. I am enjoying working in a team.’
LR Rec: ‘I liked it when the parachute flew down.’
DS Y2: ‘I am really enjoying Science Week, this activity is really fun!’
MH Y2: ‘I enjoyed testing my parachute out on the aparatus.’
AB Rec: ‘I am enjoying watching my parachute fly down.’

So that is what Blue Team did today.I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

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Day 4 science week MT

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Today Green team were with Mr J doing an experiment with an egg and paper clips.
Here are some responses i got from the children in Green team:
Y.K Y5 : I am enjoying science week so far but this was one of the best activities yet.
V.Q Y5 : I am enjoying science week so far but this activity i did was not my favourite, my favourite was Mrs Bamber’s balloon rocket investigation.
L.Q Y5 : I liked this activity i enjoyed doing the paper clip challenge which was all about trying to get a paper clip to float, it was amazing.
C.G Y5 : I liked to working with my team because they were very helful.

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